I came across a fellow traveler, a linguist, and he was surprised to hear that I read books. That surprise made little to no sense to me. I make no assumptions as to why he made that guess. Here are the facts of what he knew about me at the time: I love the outdoors, I am training for an Iron distance triathlon, I am learning the Japanese language 日本語, and I am a Teacher…yet he was surprised to hear I read books.

Well, I do more than ‘read’ books hombre.

Malcolm X added confidence to recover from juvenile mistakes

Maya Angelou has stirred an inner bird call in speech

J.R.R. Tolkein has energized many rest stops along hikes

Paulo Coehlo has given insight to connectivity through travel

Gary Jennings gave life to an exploration into the history of a Mexican narrative

Roberto Clemente’s Autobiography made sense of language barriers and charitable acts

I overcame obstacles through the guidance Muggsy Bogues in The Land of Giants

I learned ways to manage not only athletics but the self from John Wooden, Phil Jackson, Derek Fisher, Tony LaRussa, Orel Hershiser, Bruce Lee, and more

I ice climbed a local mountain with the guidance of Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills, and subsequently bagged another peak through the mentorship of “Conquistador of the Useless” by Lionel Terray.

The Dali Lama and Confucious helped me through doubt with life decisions

Photojournal after photojournal have saturated these once monochrome eyes

The narrative continues on…and when mine is complete, another’s will have just begun

Focus of this article:

You may be judged from time to time by your book cover, but read on anyways, read on…

Watch this video of how just as you are more than one layer, as is travel! Give the video a vote and share it with your friends if you’ve ever felt judged by the cover of the book which you are. You are more than what the eye may perceive, just as is the land you will visit.


p.s. I am glad to say that this fellow traveler and I are now friends : )

By Jeremy Blanco

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