This is Michael, an adventurous boy and with the desire to discover, explore and share new emotions and experiences. I am a traveler looking for something that I myself do not know how to describe.

After finishing high school, I started university ones in Milan making me bill though, it was not my way. Interested in sociological studies and not by seeing job opportunities, I decided to work putting some money aside and then going on a trip in 2012 (initially should have lasted three months), and discovered my true nature, the fact of the traveler. I do not think a writer born, so I denied myself the opportunity to create a blog, but the desire to share and desire to motivate people of all ages who, like me, are tired of the monotony and are eager to see what’s beyond the ‘daily life, I led me to open by Backpackers life. Backpackers life is meant to motivate those people who need a security to drop everything, or simply try to make a new life experience that could cambiargliela forever.

With this blog I hope to give certainty and security necessary to make you prepare the pack and catch a plane ticket for your always desired goal!